Carbs as a Hormetic Stressor — Dr Mike T Nelson (AHS13)

this is dr. Mike T Nelson now and I’m doing a lecture of a screen assigned now of one I did at the ancestral state symposium and 2013 fortunately they had a few issues with recording it hence this screencast and not a live act but I wanted to thank them very much for inviting me to come down there and give this presentation and I wanted to be able to share it with all of you so I’m talking about metabolic flexibility and my overall reason here is carbs as a hormetic stressor existence advantage or a wholly shameful hypothesi so I thank you very much to HHS and causing them present some science to you if you ever had a chance to go to their meet I would highly recommend it I had an ultimate blow or this past year and I will definitely be back again so very good times so my objective in about 20 minutes or so here is two things one hopefully to draw you think differently I showed a little bit about what metabolic opennes is also role of carbohydrates and perhaps the character is a hormetic stressor and if you don’t know what that means well we’ll get into this and did they furnish a survival advantage so usually in 20 minutes probably shouldn’t present two destinations but I’m a little of an overachiever now and I’m sure you guys will be able to catch on as we go through this so I want to give this I was actually a PhD candidate exercise since then I’ve actually graduated so I’m officially a PhD sort of research on this in about 2006 I’m also presenting this concept to some boosted military enterprises who are very interested in this especially in relation to performance for soldiers peer reviewer wrote research my background I also did a master’s in mechanical engineering the reason I tell you that is because that’ll become a little bit more important to your excuse the thought process behind this Bachelor of Arts Natural Science so here’s issues and questions so we talked about I want people to think differently so is it good to be a turkey so I know it’s kind of a question so here’s our little turkey friend here so we think about what goes on in the life of a turkey all right so let’s say you’re this turkey chap and you’re hanging out with all your little goose sidekicks you’re having a good time farmer comes in gives you food each day you’ve got let’s say you’re raised in one of those nice paleo raises you’ve got area to run you can hang out with all your other cronies farmer comes back the next day gives you more nutrient this gone on for a couple of years you know and if you were to look at the goose at that point you would say hey this geese got you know a pretty good life so you got two and a half years or so of the turkey life but what happens then all right so can you think of a period that it’s probably not good to be a turkey at least in the u.s.Let’s figure out what it is yet of course Thanksgiving right so what happens on Thanksgiving at least in the u.s. here you’re probably gonna end up on a illustration all right so if you’re a turkey and you’ve been around for about that time yeah it’s a it’s probably not a very good time to be a turkey all right probably end up on somebody’s dinner plate the stage of this is where you look questions all right so if we looked at two and a half years of the turkey life up until the day before you end up on somebody’s dinner plate you’d say that’s a pretty good life yeah if you look at it the day that you end up on somebody’s dinner plate mmm probably not a very good life claim so how you look at data and where you look specially over go matters and so our objective objective here idea parole is anti fragile and this can also apply to your metabolism it’ll acquire more impression now I reputed this is a very good way of looking at it especially if you’re looking at the body through ancestral health based way of looking or evolutionary medicine however you want to phrase it your mas is very much survival based and we are designed and programmed to survive pretty much all costs so what is surviving better I would reason you can increase your health addition your recital and it’s also good for overweight loss so what exactly does this mean in English so the fanciful term is a metabolic opennes so interpret what that means to me it’s the ability to survive under a wide variety of conditions all right so if you can increase your metabolic flexibility I would argue that you’re increasing your body’s ability to survive so whenever you say survivor there’s all sorts of these cool survivor indicates out now and one of the things that parties think of is well you know you have to be like this guy down here and snack on flaws mmm not really as though I have gobbled flaws before and they’re actually not too bad if you gave enough petroleum on crickets and fry them up they’re actually quite delicious but defect chewing in areas of a existence advantage is optional so which is what are we talking about with metabolic flexible at its simplest height you want to use the right fuel at the right time this will decrease your risk of sicknes extremely you know looking at cancers like type 2 diabetes and I’d likewise quarrel helps you survive right we are therefore said physiology in essence is very much survival based so a figment explanation for this is a capacity for skeletal muscle to acutely shift its role alliance between lipids lovers glucose during fasting or in response to insulin such as postprandial ailments so you’re probably wondering well what the heck does that aim in English so we’re mainly looking at skeletal muscle now right because that’s the main thing that’s using fuel in the body of course there’s fuel being used by your other organs and everything but and we’re looking at its ability to shift its trust between lipids which is just a fancy word for fats and also glucose right we can also substitute glucose carbohydrates if we want and the two conditions we’re looking at are primarily during fasting right so fasting meaning no food or nor calories coming in so if you’ve been sleeping overnight unless you’ve been on ambien coming up attacking the fridge in the middle of the darknes that would be a fasting condition or in response to insulin such as postprandial circumstances so postprandial is just a fancy word for after you eat so we’re looking at the ability of one of the main tissues in the body that uses fuel skeletal muscle and how it deepens exerting fatties and using glucose at two different times so a decrease of loss of this is hypothesized to play a role in many disease operations one of the main ones is actually impaired fatty oxidation or fatty burning and of course if your goal is to get leaner this is not going to be a good thing right we want the opposite of this we want to increase the use of solids as a fuel generator and one of the ways we can alter this a little bit is with insulin so insulin I consider a leveraging spot metabolic leverage level and what that signifies is if you utilized a small amount of force on this you can hopefully get a pretty big change on the other discontinue right and I sort of like the you’ve seen the little teeter sways right so press down on this and get some result over here on this end right and if we make this teeter-totter or even longer right we’ve increased our lever therefore we’ve increased our leverage so insulin has a high amount of leverage it’s also needed for existence right so if you have an issue where your body does not produce any insulin and you’re not on exhaust insulin treats you will not survive very long right remember we went back and said that we’re looking at this from a existence locate so I would say if you remove something does that diminish their ability to survive if it does that’s something that we probably want to look at because it’s going to have a pretty high-pitched upshot we can think of insulin as a fuel selector permutation conceive I get that from dr.Jeff Bullock so high-pitched extents of insulin is primarily going to push the body to use carbohydrates so if you’re eating our paleo cupcake over here non-gluten of course your body is gonna take in carbohydrates and in a health being your insulin is going to increase right and that stirs ended smell because your body needs to get these carbohydrates out of the bloodstream and to be either stored in tissue or maybe consumed that’s you thing the central way does that is by increasing insulin lower levels of insulin push the body to primarily use fatty so one of the main conditions you are able to see here is fasting so remember the previous slip we spoke fasting so if you are fasted it’s my grim writing now you are using principally overweight and your insulin ranks in general are going to be relatively low ideally want to function under both situations only keep in mind that high blood glucose levels is actually lethal your body is going to do everything possible to get glucose the heck out of the bloodstream because if we let high levels of it to accrue there it is very very bad and in healthy parties it’s almost impossible for that to happen I would say it probably is impossible if you have an impaired state such as diabetes and does not being controlled with drug or anything you can have issues where your glucose gets so high-pitched that it is incredibly harmful so here’s our little paleo guy in a nutshell right avoid fatty meats chew your veggies get your daily exercise so this guy is running for “peoples lives” so he’s getting some pretty good exercise again survival here is the key so what the heck does this have to do with our paleo friend person here right it’s kind of an angry-looking paleo guy so the one of the conditions we’ll see is if we look at let’s say paleo life here one of the main ones is probably no menu right ability to find food at times can be very scarce so if there’s no food title in essence this is a fasted precondition and our insulin levels what it looks really bad anyway insulin heights are gonna be very low right no food coming in low-grade insulin we are ready to mainly be able to function under this low insulin state freedom if you can’t part under a low-spirited insulin nation or I would indicate of a fasted health your ability to find food is going to be severely jeopardized and consequently your ability to survive too going to be settlement right so we still need to function because we have to go out and find some food or if we’re lucky have someone returning nutrient to us but that’s not very good for survival the flip side is “theres going” from the times of no meat to potentially a lot of meat all right so if you’re out and you get the kill the big saber-toothed tiger or whatever you’re eating or you’re walking along learn a whole bunch of sugar you’re probably going to eat as much as you perhaps can all right but you still need to function under this higher insulin condition because if you go out and you find some sugar you ingested as much as you can you pass out in an insulin persuaded coma you actually can become food then right that’s gonna be very poor for your ability to survive so the goal now no menu lower insulin you still want to be able to function lots of food higher levels of insulin the ability to not become nutrient so really a little side tangent actually get some wonderful detest mail about this – yes honey has been around for a long time actually learnt a stingless honey bee in brownish-yellow 96 to 74 million years ago right so sugar in essence is glucose so argument here there is times where you’re gonna determine higher levels of insulin you still want to be able bility to function this is gonna happen every single day at every single meal nope of course not and that’s probably one of the issues with modern society is you have people who are not awfully accept to glucose eating a lot of glucose all the time right carbohydrates doesn’t mean carbohydrates are bad simply means that they are potentially bad for parties at that time so again here’s our little position now you got our woolly mammoth so let’s say we catch one of these guys gonna require a lot a lot of food title in essence you’re probably have a higher level of insulin and you crave the ability to still function so I always wonder what ever happened to the woolly mammoths anyway right you know where where did they is now going do they just kind of disappear or whatever and so one presumption is expanding groves in Europe places they chafed grass-eating madness of the preferred habitat and regrettably gradually starved them to death if we had a metabolically adaptable mammoth would it still be around if it could potentially go for long periods of time or possibly be changed to a different food informant maybe to surprise so ever the researchers found that genetic diversity remains stable even increased a little bit right up until the bitter end so here’s our woolly mammoth we actually found one here you can see he’s hiding out in your neat big gesticulates here somehow we started his own surfboard fellowship all right the woolly mammoth surfboard firebrand and it looks like he’s drinking a deliciou adult vogue liquor now so perhaps woolly mammoths are still around on the beaches of California somewhere this is exclusive footage now just for you and in case you’re wondering this is a forged photo right does this really look like a woolly mammoth to you I disbelieve it submit more flexiblity ability to survive so one of my favourite strips you sup cliff really great stuff adapt to your circumstance or dally your final hand fortunately the only mammoths kind of played its final hand so what about a hormetic stressor so first off what the heck is or missus or missus generally favourable biologic response to low revelation to toxins and other stressors so if we want to simplify this you could say some is good more is bad and I know that’s a startling oversimplification then you guys recognize this scene now hopefully you do this is a awfully classic movie this will make sense in a bit so here’s a idea word for it Mithra and Heath ISM I probably slaughtered how I declare that so tradition of protecting one’s self against a poison by gradually self administrating non-lethal extents all right so did you figure out where this is from so it’s the Princess Bride right so story of how he’d been taking in small quantities of I cane pulverization to build up his immunity so even though he’s been switching the glasses backward and forward now wouldn’t really matter claim because in essence he’s become more immune to that substance by having small amounts over a long period so can this happen with carbohydrates do they provide a persona as a harmonic stressor inconceivable I’m not going to bear you with all the infant amount of details this is a luxury I handed when I was learning this in class about anaerobic and aerobic pathways which gas are worked and all that kind of stuff but a simple concept that beings tend to forget is a crossover effect this goes back to Brooks and Mercer around 1994 it’s actually been described even well before that but as we increase our power which here is just measured by aerobic supremacy the fuel habit mutates so if we’re over here at this end at rest we’re chiefly applying in a health individual very little carbohydrates right so down here single toe percentages and in this healthy person we’re exercising a large amount of fat privilege so residue principally expending fat if we increase our education so let’s say we’re down now at near 100% we’re doing some high-pitched output weightlifting low-spirited reps that type of thing moderate reps we really want the ability to use carbohydrates right so our carbohydrate usage is going to be very very high our usage of fat very very low so this crossover effect has indicated that based on our work we were actually switching the ga sources that we’re employing so addressed chiefly overweight high-pitched tense active undertaking chiefly carbohydrates so metabolic flexibility is the ability to switch back and forth between these two gasoline roots and I’ve seen some data unfortunately in the data I examined was primarily in aerobic jocks who have been training for a long time taking in high extents of carbohydrates and what the hell are you read is that their crossover object actually disappeared two strands various kinds of came close together but literally never swept over right so they had a problem switching fuel roots so how do we get here yes of course calories subject right so if you take in an vitality excess it’s a little graph demo what can happen so on one side we get hypertrophic adipocytes right your fatty cells get bigger we have a decrease and adiponectin this is actually a good hormone and what happens is we’ve got problems here with insulin use and fatty battery-acids flipside we’ve got a decrease insulin crushing of free fatty battery-acids and again we end up with these problems down here again there’s also some thought that this is also modulated by other factors extremely related to the immune system we just thought that overweight cadres merely sat on their collective fat buttocks all day did absolutely nothing now we know that paunch cells are probably one of “the worlds largest” metabolically active organ methods in the body secrete all sorts of different hormones and do actually have a large effect so again glucose harmful and high amounts what do we do so insulin is a leverage point one of the main reasons is lots of things oppose insulin in the body and it’s also under very good dietary control freedom we know if you eat more for example carbohydrates insulin goes up so specific recommendations then if you’re doing high-flown intense you’re doing Crossfit you’re doing some weight rehearsal working hard you want to use carbohydrates as effective as possible right if you look at a disease process such as McArdle’s disease those people due to a lack of an enzyme have a really hard time utilizing carbohydrates what you see is that their ability to do most intense exert is unfortunately pretty horrible all right so we know you need to use carbohydrates at that point it’s probably to your benefit to have a little bit higher insulin release freedom remember we said higher insulin is gonna push the body to principally use more carbohydrates so I’m a big fan of this is bottarga you can use any type of high insulin liberate carbohydrate I’m big-hearted fan of using that around the time of intense practice lower intensity labour you wishing to the direct opposite you primarily want to use fatty and I would argue that you probably want to do this under lower insulin condition right so we see all these parties stringing up to get on the treadmill convinced that the need to drink four quarts of Gatorade to been through their low-spirited vigour improve hearing while watching Oprah yeah it’s not the best idea so for athletes I’ve trained if they do it any type of low-toned intensity wreak my goal is to get them to use a higher percentage of solid and how we do this is a lot of era that training will be done more fasted their higher intense exercise conferences will principally have carbohydrates extremely before and a little bit after you want to get a higher insulin level condition we want the ability to use carbohydrates all right and remember a long term a la metabolic flexibility on the ability to switch back and forth between both status so expended carbs during high-intensity exercise privilege if you’re using carbohydrates all the time and sort of like igniting nitrous going to Walmart right it’s like just trying to put a spoiler on a Yugo you can gave a spoiler on it but it’s still a freaking you go right it’s not gonna make it exit any faster submit of all flexible use the right fuel at the right time fat for gasoline principally the majority of cases right so if your daylight is spent doing mostly walking around low-spirited work table part that type of thing your goal is to use fat chiefly for those activity right low-grade severity on a squander overweight carbohydrates you want to use that during high intense utilization you miss the ability to use carbs allow you a much higher level of concert so low to no carbs equals a low-pitched patience for intense utilization so if you’re doing high output glycolytic sort employ three to four sometimes athletes I’ve worked with five times a week and you’re trying to do this on a very low carbohydrate diet in my experience you will do okay for about three to four weeks and then the motors come off and your concert simply tanks why you’re not providing the fuel that your person needs for that type of exercise and it’s pretty amazing we tell those competitors to use more carbohydrates the performance goes up and oddly enough all of a sudden they start losing fat again right if you’re doing things to limit your achievement in the gym you’re literally restraint the amount of overload you can apply to your muscles and to your method it’s a long term you’re actually limiting your amplifications I likewise talked about McArdle’s disease where they have an impairment of the use of carbohydrates their ability to do high-pitched intense activity it’s pretty horrible so what do we do right so my goal this lecture number one is hopefully to think a little bit differently do you want to be a turkey possibly and so when you look right so you want to think about existence based one thing about function all right and we can think about these things in areas of ancestral state evolutionary approaching I definitely agree that that’s a very good way of looking at these we want to operate under lower and higher levels occurrences one all right now you don’t want to be whacking your insulin tier super high all the time every day that’s not going to be good but on occasion you want to be able to function or high levels of insulin and that’s going to be primarily use carbohydrates I likewise want to be able to function under lower levels of insulin which is primarily going to be used fat so it’s not really one or the other that’s better it’s actually both liberty you want to switch back and forth between both so you’re probably going to need carbs for your woolly mammoth direct so if you’re trying to taste down that woolly mammoth we’re gonna passed like hell and you ever hope you have a fair amount of carbohydrates those are showing you or develop seeing differently so if we do high-intensity training right so in chastised for vigor cost of training decrease in some is six subcutaneous skin folds persuaded by high-intensity interval training program nine four larger than standard tenacity course platform so again most you guys probably know this high intensity training even for pure figure constitution rationalizations is going to be better so again talking about insulin and the second part cards the hormetic stressor you want to use the right fuel at the right time fatten for gasoline most of time carbs for ga during high-pitched intense rehearsal if you’re slow you’re gonna become saber-tooth Tiger food if you pass out and an insulin induced coma you’re also going to be saber-toothed tiger meat so again it’s not one or the other it’s actually both so what does it look like right most your dinners protein and veggies right and here’s some steak that I cooked up with some sprouts awfully extremely tasty some fish I’m gonna go out do some high-intensity exercise you can do push-ups title don’t consequently need barbells go play with some stones or as an Atlas stone and dropped into the seat of my auto to get it home yeah low severity piece right drinking on your practice back from the bar celebrating but you likewise crave the ability to have carbohydrates at times and still be okay right and it want to be the end of the world have a nice big breakfast some pancakes now and again and still do okay also on the ability to do nothing for a while right ability to do fasting and still be able to perform okay plane you don’t want to look like this right if you have this action after having a bunch of carbs I would say you probably have some trash to work on so Monday what do you do in general right this is probably to me nothing new to most of you guys your carbohydrate coming is generally gonna be you know a little bit on the lower discontinue carbohydrates in general are gonna be before and after your high intense practice daylights that’s gonna be a high insulin condition and you still want to build your operate right most people actually do better in the gym especially with weight training it’s the ones the capacity to do some occasional fasting title so fasting no calories coming in low level of insulin still be functioning right so your body’s gonna be primarily burning a knot of solid at that point and so my last-place thing here is the question I always get is a what do you think of the world optimal liberty nobody wants to find is this really the optimal coming I would argue that’s like leprechauns pots of amber little Jackalope guys who really I believe to be real up until a couple years ago this doesn’t exist right what you really want is to slowly move and do things that are better but for some that may be adding carbs before it after their high-pitched strength training for others that may be adding longer periods of fasting every once in a while so if you need more information about me feel free to lower me a line go to my website very very much to HS for having me come out and do this presentation it’s an amazing phenomenon you are familiar with I I genuinely did actually enjoy it I had tons of merriment I’ll be there again next year so if you accompany me there please come up and say hi thank you very much

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