Easy Keto Recipes – Shrimp Omelet

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Easy Keto Recipes – Shrimp Omelet

• Grass-fed butter (1 tbsp)
• Coconut oil (1 tbsp)
• 2 eggs
• Ground black pepper (1/4 tsp)
• 5 Shrimp (peeled)
• Salt
• Chopped spring onion
• Chopped garlic (1/2 tsp)


Heat pan and add coconut oil. When oil is hot, add in the butter and stir on low heat.

Add in chopped garlic and add a pinch of salt to taste. Stir fry under low heat.

Add prawns and increase heat. Stir fry until prawns turn pink.
Break 2 eggs into the pan and stir the prawns into the egg. Allow egg to cook.

Flip egg over to cook the other side.

Remove from pan and sprinkle chopped spring onion on the omelet as garnishing.

Ready to serve.

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