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Hey, so I’m in Auckland New Zealandfor the weekend so I contact that’s a good friend and fellow biohacker – Trudy from biohacker.co.nz and I ask if I could stay with her for the weekend.she said yes so let’s go in and have a look what’s inside another Kiwisbiohackers house. first things first I noticed this nice red light Idon’t know if it’s like a Halloween theme or she’s got some pretty coollight rehabilitation devices inside all right let’s go all right I’m inside I gottaadmit I got a pretty sweet guest room check this out, we start off Air oasis filter going inthe room not too shabby let me come over here nice littleHimalayan rock salt with a red bedside lamp starting off moderately excited! but itgets better, nice little set up here – complimentary bulletprooffat water and a few collagen barrooms there’s some delightful seeds, coolhuh.Alright let’s go participate what else is in Trudys Biohacking House in auckland. Infrared Sauna …. Books by Dave Asprey .. Supplements … Brain Octane next to cocktail glass … Bullet proof torture machines … no I think it’s some sleep facilitate device …. free-range chicken … Free range eggs …. Neural brain trainer…Water filters … Gauss meter .. Organic wineand I prepared ginger beer …. red light bulbs red light therapy devices pretty cool huhthis is what we’re gonna have dinner tonight speaking of which let’s go seewhat is for dinner all right and Trudy has realized meabulletproof approved snack! now let’s see what she’s what shes stimulated. Say Hi for us Trudy! hey !! what do we have here … it searches and stenches good ..[ Trudy] – So we’ve got Angus beef grass-fed burgers seasoned with tumeric and Himalayan saltit’s an organic Kumera and parsnip and veges from the market and some bulletproof mayo! pretty good huh? I’m pretty lucky let’s dive in And wait for it…Best thing hitherto. Wabbits! recollect these chaps Qualia – started taking themlast week I think it was. Full dose was way too much you know jittery, Spacey, hita wall in the afternoon which isn’t great it was way too much forme so I cut it down to a two third dose that was a lot more feasible, a loteasier to handle for me oh so precious huh but eneded up colonizing on a one-third dosage so yeah .. most people will like like genuinely …. it’s tin…y but it was good for me I intend it gets me going through the day.I getthe benefits of these amazing parts but I’m not go offwalls or trying to figure out whether my heart’s gonna explode or you know myhead’s gonna pop or something like that so while one third of it doses is muchmore feasible. Rebecca – she’s actually taking exactly the same amountum and she can handle it much better than I can … Anyway .. butyeah “its what” I thought that’s me with the qualia. good-for-nothing really toreport on in the plot front this week other than my potatoes are starting n to comeup which is good and strawberries are coming up oh and the lawns really reallyneeds doing so it might be time to do that lawns are done now it’s for dinner.what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn this sweet potato or kumara asthey calll it here in New Zealand I’m gonna turn it into sweetened potato friesand you’re probably anticipating’ truly i’m going to movie this and that’s exactly how Ifeel I’m like truly I’m gonna movie this but it is um it is a staple in our household and a lot of parties don’t concoct them I don’t know why and they thinkit’s difficult you how easy it is and how good they look once they come out ofit we’re gonna say how good they smack but uh you’re not going to find that out..Alright so let’s do this. so what I do is I use thesecooking petroleums coconut petroleum from off-color coconut and beef dripping – NewZealand grassfed beef dribble I’ll only introduced that in the oven to soften. while that’s happening we can peel the potato. alright so the kumera ispeelled the solid has softened so it’s time to oblige chippies. grub them in spread them around coverthem in oil and framed them in the oven all right so it’s been about it hour .. they appear good! they might be a tiny bit dry but uh Iusually add a little of butter and have them with some fresh milk and makesure – uh bit sizzling! thhy’re pretty good though! so there you go – sweetpotato chips! try them sometime and le tme know how it works you get on.Look what I’ve got – meat. lots of meat. Remember my Friend Trudy who I stayed with in Auckland. when I was up there um she was telling me about this amazing NewZealand grassfed flesh she gets from Green Meadows beef. “the farmers ” is just around the corner from me in Opunake. so yeah they had like some pretty coolstuff on this site saying it was not licensed organic but it wasspray free and grass fed and grass finished no antibiotic exploit you know ifthere was antibiotics used, the cow was separated. No pesticides … it was really coolI fantasized – that that’s awesome specially good I’ve been struggling to get particular cuts of meet …. that’s a cool personal content so yeah like I said it all comesin ice these are the brisket bones but they they call them pet bones becausethey went so much overweight on them so these are great for broth and you get a ton offat on it If you haven’t uttered bone broth before check out thevideo how to become broth on my direct on YouTube and likewise I’ve got a prettycomprehensive bone broth blog- everything you need to know about bone broth – and I’ll show you how to make it.But honestly it’s like super simple tomake bone both …. Soup bones. Angus roast …. gluten free sausages…rump detonator …. “its just” over 100 bucks and you buy a half aBeast or even quarter of a beast which is pretty cool Imean it’s a lot of flesh I ponder whole ogre is about two hundred kilos – butit is going to work a little bit cheaper and you get a pretty good range of meat. sosomething I’m going to look into but you really need to have the freezerspace for it so we just recently got a little freezer a couple hundred litersso you can start buying in bulk and freezing some of this and you knowgetting things when it’s cheaper so there’s a immediate tip for you …. this weekI’m reading Jab Jab Jab right hook by Gary Vaynerchuk? Vanner- Chuck? regardles .. sub thoughts – how to tell your story ina noisy social media world so yeah not a a fitness bible orpsychology volume or you know the general health – I do led a business andevery now and then I read market bibles and business works so yeah I’m notgonna go into too much detail on this instead I’m gonna ask you for a favorand that is two things that you A) first like me on Facebook I think it’sFacebook/ Coach Alex Fergus furthermore um let me know what you think these videosbecause like I said in week 1 bout 1 I precisely want to do like half a dozen orso and try it and if parties enjoy it or get something from it you knowI’ll retain doing it it’s not and it’s a waste of occasion then of course i’lll stop sitting in hereand videoing myself so yeah let me know your feedback and feel free to follow meon Facebook if not already but if you’re marketing check i.I’m only 50 pages in but it is good enjoying it so yeah that’s all don’t soI’m about to Train it’s my weekly seminar Friday afternoon. I’m going to whip up my pre-workout so frequently I havethe excellent keto – pre-workout complement which has creatine, alanine, ketone salts, MCT it’s pretty good but it’s got some ketone salts in it as well but it doeshave a bit of caffeine so I didn’t take that when I’m exercise nothing andunfortunately I don’t even have any of it with me at the moment so instead I’lljust have the amino battery-acids this is the Ben Greenfeld nature aminos.It all it isis um eight crucial amino battery-acids so what is it: leucine valine isoleucine lysine finna alanine, tryptophan…that’s all it is alright so yeah a little this and some times i’ll compute some baking soda to it. Alright today sticking to the big raisings again – deadliftspull-ups front hunkers flooring media and hang … what I do most daytimes. No suitable programme. all right almost done. so get 140 kg onthe bar now okay so we’re gonna go up to 180 now on the deadlifts. That was 180 we’ll go up to 200 now and goup to 20 kilo on kuki-chins. all right so getting tough there sowe’ll go up to 210 for the next deadlift I’ll call it there – I will do the floor press and figurehead squat.I’ll see how the body travels. Front squt occasion – will start at 60 kg up to 80 – 100 – 120 for 8′ s. I’m gonnasee how 120 is feeling becuase I felt a little of a niggle with 120 – 140 last weekI will see how the back braces up. yeah – tells finish it off squat was nothing special but yeahokay noumbers given that really low-grade magnitude I’ve being do ought to have for quite awhile now as well if you look back at some my old-time Instagram photos. Anwyay thumped like – explain – ask questions share with your best friend – call friends ifyou think someone will be interested in it and be assured to subscribe – I don’talways do instructing videos but let me know what you like checking if you wannasee more instructing let m kenow – if you wanna read more diet if you want to see more why hacksjust let me know yeah cuz no one’s compensating me to do this I’m justdoing it for fun and for you guys .. so take care Alex – from Alexfergus.com

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