Halo Top Review – Chocolate Covered Banana!

Chocolate Covered Banana – My review of the brand-new Halo Top flavor, coming up. Hey Guys, welcome to AD Keto, the all-things weekly dose a ketogenic nutrition. I am Aaron. If this is your first time here, welcome! A succession of A video centered around reviewing the latest Top Halo flavors. I’ve done three To this limit. Will I applied a placard up on me maybe here? Maybe here? Here. It’s a playlist from The ones that I’ve done so far, and today, we’re doing chocolate-covered bananas – two Things I really like – chocolate and bananas. A heap of heat has been caught From my wife, because this thing has been sitting in the refrigerator, tempting her to For the past few epoches, I’ve been like “Please, let me do its consideration of the item for the first time.” Before digging in. It’s like, Fine. And so again, those mentions broke down into Three portions. Role one: quality. What is the feeling? Is it easy to get out of the goblet? Is it chalky? Is it lukewarm? And smooth? Second Part: flair.How does it smack based on my promises? It should savour like the chocolate-covered banana. And the third part is carbohydrates. How do you multiply carbohydrates? If the previous flavors are any indication, that is The mortal is going to get a little heavier on carbs than the original spices. So let’s Get to it! Chocolate Covered Banana. Again, maybe She ranged out of plans? We’re starting to see the same labels here, Halo Up. he is fine. he is fine. No bowls. no dejection. No saucers? No BOWL , no miss. I certainly desire him. it’s a Nice touch. Oh oh. There it is. It looks a lot like that It might be a little bit frosier than my other recent ones, however First things first: Let’s obtain a little of this and see.Yes, I mean It is very soft. It is very soft. It get out of there fairly well. I feel It is also chilled and smooth, which is good. But Let’s do a enticement experiment. Well, it’s mostly bananas. Like, that was … that bite It was almost entirely banana, although I reaped the like, brown fraction. Brown part. BROWN PART. Except that like this .. banana Going bad? I’ll try to have a little more chocolate here. Yes or … Preference like bananas. Not quite as sweet as the last few spices I’ve done. I have I noticed the spices were really fresh, real sweet, pretty much all over board.Like, shockingly sugared. On the first … and again, this is a little less sweet. I am Like it, but there isn’t a whole lot of chocolate to come through. It’s kind of … Banana be very overpowering, which I’m fine with. I genuinely … I haven’t had Banana at eight, nine months, I like bananas, so it is a welcome taste. As much What becomes for carbohydrates, let’s take a look at the nutrition information here. 15 grams of Total carbohydrates, three dietary fibers, five sugar alcohols. So that applies us in seven Net grams of carbs per serving, sometimes four suffices – that’s 28 grams of carbohydrates If you want to eat a whole beer. Totally doable for me on a ordinary date, if Have a good day, carb prudent, or if I may do intermittent fasting, that is It is among the first things you snack every day. This can be eaten all and still Alright, it would still likely be in ketosis. I’m trying Keep my material, my carbohydrates are between 25 and 30, so this is what this is going to be on the table, Literally, for me. Five grams protein, 280 calories, 2.5 grams solid. That 280 Calories aim 70 calories per serving , not 280 per serving. It could happen … Damn. So there you have it. I am agreeably startled Chocolate Covered Banana. I hope more of the chocolate flavor came Through, but it’s good. I cherish that. Let me know if this is for you guys Flavor yet. Where do you get it? I was not able to find this anywhere Since the first day he got it. I’ve been looking around for And the rest of the brand-new spices haven’t been know any hitherto, bu … kind of rare. So let me Find out if you guys had it. Let me know where you find it. Let me know if you are Love it, and let me know what your favorite spice of Halo Top overall. if This is my first time now, please consider agreeing! It has certainly facilitate Me the direct thrives, and this thing does that. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I do We’ll see you next time.

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