How To Lose Weight On Keto – Coping with Keto Flu While Trying to Lose Weight

The dreaded keto influenza is nothing to worry about. While uncomfortable and slightly irritating, this is a natural response by the body when you unexpectedly decrease your intake of carbs considerably.

The majority of people are utilized to a diet plan that’s mostly comprised of carbs followed by smaller parts of protein and an even smaller sized percentage of fat. However, when you get on a ketogenic diet plan, you’ll be turning the tables on your diet plan and doing the total opposite.

80 to 90 percent of your everyday calories will come from fat, and the staying 10 percent will be from protein with a miniscule part of carbohydrates, if any. This is something that will come as a shock to many people. The body is simply not used to the diet plan.
Here are some of the keto influenza symptoms you might experience while attempting to make the change:

– Body aches
– Cramps.
– Difficulty concentrating/focusing.
– Dizziness/drowsiness.
– Fatigue.
– Insomnia.
– Irritability.
– Nausea.
– Stomach problems.
– Sugar cravings.

Millions of individuals are addicted to sugar and carbs. The excellent news is that the keto flu is only momentary.

Within a week or two, your body will adjust and be able to operate as typical with the greater fat consumption and carbohydrate constraint. It’s essential that you persevere and not surrender since of the keto flu signs.

Quitting will suggest that your weight reduction will take longer and will be harder. So, endure the symptoms till your body adapts.

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