Keto Drinks – Best Keto Drinks [Keto Beer, Keto Energy Drinks, Keto Milk]

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Keto Beer

Beers while on keto? Here are a few ones you can drink and still stay on keto. Remember, these are still alcohol and must be consumed in moderation. Also, alcohol is not good for the liver, as you know, and if you want to stay maximally healthy, it is always best to avoid liquor and stick to nutrient dense extra-curricular vegetables and fruits for splurges.

Greens Trailblazer – 0.5 net carbs

Rolling Rock Green Light – 2.6 grams Net Carbs

Miller 64 – 2.5 Net Carbs

Budweiser Select 55 – 1.9 Net Carbs

Michelob Ultra – 2.6 Net Carbs

Busch Light – 3.2 Net Carbs

Energy Drinks

Got used to consuming energy drinks? Here are some keto-friendly options you might want to try when you must drink some. But remember, it’s better if you want to avoid them totally!

Red Bull Total Zero – 0 grams Net Carbs

Zevia Zero Calorie Energy Drink – 1.9 grams Net Carbs

GURU Lite Natural Energy Drink – 4 grams Net Carbs

Rockstar Pure Zero – less than 0.5 Net Carbs

Rockstar Zero Carb – 0 grams Net Carbs

Monster Energy Zero Ultra – 2 grams Net Carbs

Keto Milk

With these keto-friendly, unsweetened dairy-free options, you will never miss drinking milk anymore!

Almond Milk – 1-2 grams Net Carbs per 1 Cup Serving

Soy Milk – 2-4 grams Net Carbs per 1 Cup Serving

Cashew Milk – 1gram Net Carbs 1 Cup per Serving

Hazelnut Milk – 2.5 grams Net Carbs per 1 Cup Serving

Coconut Milk – 7 grams Net Carbs per 1 Cup Serving

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