Understanding the Properties of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

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What are MCT’s.

Long Chain Fat (LCTs) ranging from 12 to 18 carbons long are the predominant form of fat in the American diet plan – MCTs, nevertheless, are made up of only 6 to 10 carbon links.

Triglycerides are called after their chemical structure, more particularly the length of their fatty acid chains – all triglycerides are made up of a glycerol molecule and 3 fatty acids.

Because of their shorter chain length, MCTs have a number of unique properties which provide benefits over the more common LCTs.
MCTs supply about 10% fewer calories than LCTs– 8.3 calories per gram for MCTs versus 9 calories per gram for LCTs.

Decreased chain length also suggests that MCTs are more quickly absorbed by the body and more quickly metabolized and as fuel.

The result of this sped up metabolic conversion is that instead of being kept as fat, the calories included in MCTs are really effectively converted into fuel for instant use by organs and muscles.

MCTs cross the double mitochondrial membrane quickly and do not need the existence of carnitine, unlike LCTs.

The result is an excess of acetyl-coA, which then follows numerous metabolic pathways, both in the mitochondria (Krebs Cycle) and in the cytosol, leading to the production of ketones.

These are the primary medium-chain fatty acids:.

C6: Caproic acid or hexanoic acid.
C8: Caprylic acid or octanoic acid.
C10: Capric acid or decanoic acid.
C12: Lauric acid or dodecanoic acid.


Digestion and Energy.

MCTs are easily absorbed and do not require the production and usage of bile.

Lead to the production of excess acetyl-coA which breaks down into ketones – quick development of ketone bodies provides instant energy to the brain and body.

MCTs act similar to carbs in that they provide an instant energy source – nevertheless, MCTs don’t raise blood sugar or increase insulin levels as carbs do.

Weight Loss.

Compared to other types of oils and fats, MCTs appear to have positive effects on fat burning and weight reduction as it helps increase satiety and even raise the metabolic rate at which the body functions.

MCTs suppress fat deposition through boosted thermogenesis and fat oxidation, helping the body produce ketones.


MCTs are powerful, natural prescription antibiotics that assist balance germs in the gut.

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